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New Testament Greek
Course overview
Deaf Pah! Greek I
Deaf Pah! Greek II
Deaf Pah! Greek III Deaf Pah! Greek IV (in development)
  • Order curriculum from  Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek, Level 7
    • Workbook
    • "Answers only" Answer Key
    • Flash Cards (optional)
  • Deaf Pah! Greek IV Student Guide (pdf)
  • Deaf Pah! Greek IV Supplement (pdf)
  • Deaf Pah! Greek IV Mentor Guide (pdf)
  • Online vocabulary flashcard and paradigm practice
  • Verb conjugation table (pdf)
  • Summary of Basics of Biblical Greek (pdf) by William Mounce (
    • This is a helpful reference tool. The last three pages list the six principle parts (tense stems) of all Greek verbs that appear 50 times or more in the New Testament.
  • Wish List of Greek New Testament resources (Your shopping list for NT study tools) (pdf)
    • Greek New Testaments
    • Lexicons (Greek-English dictionaries)
    • Concordances
    • Computer Software
    • Advanced linguistic reference tools

Steps to enroll in Deaf Pah! New Testament Greek
  1. Discuss your desire to take this course with your pastor.  He will serve as your mentor.
  2. Order the curriculum from  You and your pastor must each have a copy of the workbook and the answer key.
  3. Download study guide and supplement.
  4. Click here for your Deaf Pah! New Testament Greek registration form.  You must do this every semester, so both you and your pastor can receive the course DVD and other required materials.
Questions?  Email:
(Put "Deaf Pah! Greek" in the subject line.)
Or VP: 301-960-8318

Rev. Ron Friedrich
Christ Lutheran Church of the the Deaf
Silver Spring, Maryland