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Indianapolis 2001 ILDA Convention Site
June 21-24, 2001


Convention Theme

 Indianapolis's motto is "Crossroads of America." Thus, the theme of the convention is "Cross Roads," based on Joshua 24:15 ­ "choose this day whom you will serve." We are now at a crossroad in the millennium of the post-Christian era and must decide how we will serve our Lord in carrying out His Great Commission to share Jesus Christ with others. We are here to learn which road to take whether to the right or to the left. We are responsible for choosing the correct road to go and spread the Good News all over our country and the world.

Peace Lutheran Church for the Deaf of Indianapolis, Indiana has committed itself to host ILDA's 16th Biennial Convention to be held in 2001. Back in 1995, another church was voted by ILDA conventioneers to host the 2001 convention, but they backed out of it in 1998. ILDA scrambled to find another host church and we must praise Peace Lutheran Church's congregation for volunteering and willing to host this convention. Peace church had only three years instead of the normal six years to prepare for this huge convention and they did a good job!

Peace Lutheran Church for the Deaf
6404 East Forty-Sixty Street
Indianapolis, IN 46226-3550
317-546-6094 (voice and tty)
9:15 Bible Class, 10:30 Worship


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