Uriel C. Jones
The Uriel C. Jones
Right Hand Award
  1. Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing." (Matthew 6:3) Our actions are done voluntarily, not for praise or honor, but as service to others.

  2. This award was established by the ILDA Board of Directors in memory of Uriel C. Jones who was a praiseworthy Christian volunteer. Mr. Jones willingly gave much of his time, skills and gifts to promote the work of God's Kingdom among the deaf. He sought no praise for himself, only his love for his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  (Uriel Jones biography)


  1. The U.C. JONES MEMORIAL RIGHT HAND AWARD is given at the ILDA biennial conventions to one deaf person who is a member of a LCMS congregation and has a record of continuous, exceptional and meritorious Christian service within his/her church and/or community. Recipient may be of either sex.

  2. Clergy, full or part-time lay ministers and current ILDA Board members are not eligible.


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The 1999 Uriel C. Jones Right Hand Award was presented to
Archie Marshal
of St. Louis, MO by 1999 Right Hand Award Chairperson, Donald Mowl.
Former Right Hand Award winners, from right, are Lester Ahls and Elmer Francisco.

Past Award Recipients
1977 James M. Lowell, Tacoma, Washington
1979 Mrs. Judy Miller, Portland, Oregon
1981 Mrs. Florence Petersen, Omaha, Nebraska
1983 Donald S. Mowl, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1985 Robert Schneider, Greenfield, Wisconsin
1987 Elmer Francisco, Spokane, Washington
1989 Authur Anderson, Spokane, Washington
1991 Lester Ahls, Cedar Falls, lowa
1993 Joseph J. Kindred, Indianapolis, Indiana
1995 John Riddlebaugh, Westerville, Ohio
1997 Arthur C. Green, Los Angeles, California
1999 Archie Marshal, St. Louis, Missouri
2001 Clarence F. Schulz, California
2003 John Wood, New York
2005 Russel Healey, Illinois
2007 Fred Waltz, Cleveland, Ohio
2009 Charles Kotal, Los Angeles, California
2011 Larry Gorton, Spokane, Washington
2013 Lee Ann Kotal, Los Angeles, California
2015 Diane Francisco, Spokane, Washington