International Lutheran Deaf Association

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Three levels of membership

ACTIVE MEMBERS are deaf Lutheran lay people. They must be communicant members in a congregation or field of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod or The Lutheran Church--Canada. Active members are full voting members of the ILDA. They may propose and vote on Constitution and By-Laws changes. Only active members may be officers in the ILDA or any of its regions.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are Lutheran deaf or hearing people who are communicant members in good standing of a Lutheran congregation. They are divided into three groups:

  1. Lutheran hearing people (lay or clergy) who are members of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.
  2. LCMS pastors (deaf and hearing).
  3. Lutheran deaf people (lay or clergy) who are not members of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.

Associate members can propose and vote on candidates, programs, projects and mission work of the ILDA and its regions. They cannot propose or vote on the Constitution and By-Laws.

SUPPORTING MEMBERS are non-Lutheran Christians who want to join in the Christian ministry of the ILDA through involvement in its purposes and programs. Persons wishing to become Supporting Members are welcomed into the Association, but do not otherwise qualify as Active or Associate members. Such members may make proposal concerning programs and projects but may not vote or be officers in the ILDA or its regions.

All three categories pay the same membership dues, $30.00 per two-year period.  Memberships expire September 30 of even-numbered years, at which time the treasurer will mail a renewal notice.

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