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Ghana - Lutheran Deaf School & Missions

Jamasi School in Ghana, Africa.
Deaf Ghana children listing
to Joseph Reinke.

Site of future school.
Meet the Chief, second from left.

Meeting with architects.
Deaf Ghana students studying.

Rev. John Reinke or Rev. Bud Palmer and volunteers travel to Ghana, Africa to work with and teach the deaf leaders in the ELCG.

In Jamasi, the children there barely know any of the Bible stories and are hungry to hear them. Imagine 60-100 children just sitting there with complete focus because they want to hear the stories. Outside of the city, 30% of the people there are deaf and they are extremely poor.

God is working in wondrous ways in Ghana. Pray that the Gospel continues to spread.
For more information, contact Rev. John Reinke:

Youth Service Projects

Youths and adults in California 2005.
Deaf youth hard at work!

Youths and adults in California 2003.
Putting together the "My Stuff" bags
for abused and neglected children.

Deaf youth and adults travel the USA to do service projects for those in need. They have traveled to cities in California, Wisconsin, Idaho... bagging food and clothing for families in need, cleaning up yards and properties, etc.
For more information, contact Rev. Mark Seeger:

Rev. David Christudoss, Keynote
Speaker at 2005 ILDA Convention in
Vancouver, Canada, spoke the topic
"History of India Deaf Mission
and Ministry".
ILDA members whom has received
gifts from Rev. Christudoss after his
keynote topic. He shows his
appreciation for ILDA's help.

Ep-phatha Lutheran Deaf School - 2004.


Ep-phatha Lutheran Deaf School - 2004.

Rev. David Christoduss has been struggling to keep the school for the deaf running in India. Rev. Christoduss is pastor of Ep-phatha Lutheran Deaf School. There are more than 25 million deaf people in India. There is a great challenge before us to bring Jesus to these millions of deaf people. The India deaf ministry needs your continued prayers and support.
For more information, contact Rev. David Christudoss:

These photos are some example of the many projects
supported with ILDA Mission Project funds.

ILDA Mission Projects

Prioritized by the 2017 ILDA Convention

Deaf Youth Service project
Rev. Ryan McDermott (Africa mission)
Rev. Steven Schumacher (Africa mission)
David Bush (Macau mission)
India mission
Kenya mssion
World Lutheran Deaf Outreach
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