International Lutheran Deaf Association


2019 ILDA Convention
July 18 - 21, 2019
Topeka, Kansas

"God Above Gold"

"Therefore I love Your commandments above God,
yes above fine gold." -- Psalm 119:127

Hosted by:
LCMS Kansas District Deaf Ministry
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2017 ILDA Convention
July 13 - 16, 2017
"Focus on Jesus"
But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying,
"Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid." Matthew 14:27

Hilton Garden Inn
8910 Hatfield Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46241

Hosted by:
Peace Deaf Lutheran Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

Convention Book
Executive Council meeting minutes
Board meeting mintues
Convention Business meeting minutes

Rev. Gehlbach's History of ILDAPowerPoint  PDF-b/w  PDF-color
Rev. Friedrich's History of the Lutheran Reformation (pdf)

2015 ILDA Convention
2015 ILDA convention, Madison, Wisconsin
Convention Book
Executive Council Minutes
Convention Business Meeting Minutes
Convention Videos

2013 ILDA Convention
July 18-21, 2013
Austin, Texas

Jesus is the Cornerstone
Concordia University Texas
Convention Host
Jesus Lutheran Church of the Deaf
Convention Book
Executive Council Minutes

 2009 ILDA Convention

July 23-26, 2009
Rochester, New York

Convention Book


2007 ILDA Convention
June 21-24, 2007
Baltimore, Maryland

Convention Book
Executive Council Minutes
Photos from the Baltimore Convention


2005 ILDA Convention
August 4-7, 2005
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hilton Vancouver
Convention Book
18th Biennial Convention Minutes
Pre-Convention Board of Directors Minutes
Photos from the Vancouver Convention

2003 ILDA Convention
July 3-6, 2003
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Convention Book
17th Biennial Convention Minutes
Pre-Convention Board of Directors Minutes
Photos from the Minneapolis Convention

2001 ILDA Convention
June 21 - 24, 2001
Indianapolis, Indiana
Convention Book
Convention  Business Meeting Minutes
Pre-Convention Board of Directors Minutes
Photos from the Indianapolis Convention


1999 ILDA Convention
Cleveland, Ohio
Convention Book
Convention Business Meeting Minutes
Pre-Convention Board of Directors Minutes
Photos from the Cleveland Convention


1997 ILDA Convention
St. Louis, Missouri

ILDA Convention Sites
1971Chicago, Illinois
1973Kansas City, Missouri
1975Washington, D.C.
1977Spokane, Washington
1979Memphis, Tennessee
1981Los Angeles, California
1983Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1985Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1987Cedar Rapids, Iowa
1989Portland, Oregon
1991Toledo, Ohio
1993Austin, Texas
1995Chicago, Illinois
25th Anniversary Book
1997St. Louis, Missouri
1999Cleveland, Ohio
2001 Indianapolis, Indiana
2003Minneapolis, Minnesota
2005Vancouver, BC, Canada
2007Baltimore, Maryland
2009Rochester, New York
2011Columbus, Ohio
2013Austin, Texas
2015Madison, Wisconsin
2017Indianapolis, Indiana

The First ILDA Convention
Regency Hyatt, Chicago, IL July 16, 1971
Roberta Riddlebaugh, Columbus, OH; Pastor W. O. Neisch, Flint MI; Pastor M. A. Hewitt, St. Louis, MO; Pastor Geo. Natonick, Portland, OR; Pastor Walter Ughlig, Sioux Falls, SD; Pastor W. H. Lange, Omaha, NE; Betty J. Lankeman, Akron, OH; Robert Lankeman, Akron, OH; Evelyn DeMeyere, Detroit, MI
Ronald Grapatin, Georgia Erickson, Paul Myers, Florence Brandes, Larry Ginter, John Nagy, Joe Nagy, Marye Anne Emerson, Roland Emerson, Lillian Long, Calvin Long, all from Cleveland, OH

Handbook Guideline for Convention Host

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